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Discover and Achieve Your Potential

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What is Coaching?

Co-Active Coaching is an experience of personal and professional development. It is based on the philosophy that those who are being coached are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. The Coachee is capable of discovering their own answers to whatever challenges they face. This is possible because the Coach asks powerful questions while listening and encouraging the Coachee to elicit the skills and creativity they already possess, rather than instruct or advise.

What is Consulting?

Consulting is the practice of helping people or organizations improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational challenges and the development of plans for improvement. Consultants are sought after to provide external advice along with their expertise in certain areas. Consultants also provide organizational change management assistance, process analysis, technology implementation, and strategy development.

What is the difference between Therapy and Coaching?

Therapy deals with people who have emotional/behavioral problems and disruptive situations, seeking to bring the client to normal function by focusing on dysfunction, with the primary focal point being on healing. Coaching, however, deals with functional people who want to move toward higher function, achieving excellence and an extraordinary life. The primary focus of Coaching is on evolving a manifestation of potential.

When should I look for a Consultant?

A Consultant should be sought after to solve problems in a particular field due to their expertise in the given subject matter. A Consultant is usually hired for their objectivity or to teach areas that the client is lacking. Consultants are also hired for other reasons such as restructuring, reorganizing, creating a new business or entering a new market, divesting a business or to influence certain people. 

How Can I Reach You?

You can use the form below and fill out the information requested and we will respond to your inquiry. If you do not wish to fill out that form or book with us and have a question pertaining to our services you can contact us via email at

What Is The Meaning Behind Your Logo?

Our logo is a mix between a lotus flower and a compass. A blooming flower is a perfect metaphor for what we envision for our clients. We are privileged to watch our clients achieve their full potential. The lotus flower, in particular, holds great meaning that we feel speaks to the importance of life. Throughout our site, you will see various lotus colors:  green is for those pursuing life improvement and good habits, gold represents achievement, blue represents intelligence and wisdom, red represents compassion and love, and finally white symbolizes purity. The direction notations within the lotus flower (N, S, E, W) turn the flower into a compass. We are passionate about using our vast experience and expertise to help clients navigate business and life to achieve their most precious goals. With our guidance and expertise, we empower clients to discover, pursue and achieve their full potential. One more critical fact "the lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud and resurrects daily." 

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