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Discover and Achieve Your Potential

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Our Services

We offer a wide scope of expertise in business functions, including 

launching, improving or divesting businesses. Our expertise in spearheading operations, trailblazing new initiatives and advising management can help you strategize, manage, execute, and deliver positive outcomes for your organization. Packages include 1 on 1 or group consulting with short, mid, or

long-term arrangements.

What's Included:
  1. Define Goals and Objectives

  2. 360 Degree Business Analysis

  3. Problem Exploration 

  4. Strategic Solutions 

  5. Conduct Audit and Accountability


Our Co-Active Coaching experience is a thought-provoking and creative process aimed to be your beacon in improving confidence, setting clearly defined goals and objectives, along with measuring and achieving desirable outcomes, in your personal life, 

professional, or both. Packages include weekly recurring coaching sessions for a variety of terms.

What's Included:
  1. One-On-One Telecoaching 

  2. Goal and Objective Assessment

  3. Proven Insight Tools

  4. Trustworthy Path Partner

  5. Vision Accountability

Corporate Retreats and Strategic Planning

This service stems from our breadth of knowledge and ambition in building sustainable, thriving workplace cultures and businesses. We offer customizable Corporate Retreats, Seminars, Strategic Planning and Event

Moderating. These services are perfect for a team or leader who needs a boost, advanced leadership training, or problem and solution brainstorming. Packages include client-specific designed retreats and seminars, along with strategic planning for groups both small and large.

What You'll Get:
  1. Interactive and Productive Retreat

  2. In or Out-of-Office Setting

  3. Culture Improvement

  4. Cohesive Team Building

  5. Improved Leadership Skills

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Increased Productivity

Improved Quality

Better Working Relationships

Increased Job Satisfaction

Elevated Focus

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Cost Reduction

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Bottom-Line Profitability

"Pam Hassett has the ability to see where you want to go, distill it to its core essence, and then illuminate the expansive opportunities of that core essence. In her coaching, she is able to connect the business to the unlimited potential some of her clients harbor, but may sometimes doubt.  Following this clarity of vision, purpose, and mission, Pam uses her extensive experience and understanding of business and geopolitical implications and players to shed light on the scale and scope of potential opportunities while navigating threats, both competitors and emerging technologies that can cannibalize the business. Her knowledge, integrity, and judgment are as useful to a business startup as it is to fortune 100 companies. Pam holds me accountable in achieving results with aggressive timelines which have proven to be beneficial to my company and me.


-Founder of Startup

"I have had the privilege of receiving life coaching sessions from Pam, which is something I had no idea I needed. Year after year I have sat in on her goal-setting sessions. She possesses an expansive experienced skillset with her career, motherhood, partnership, friendship and I have been able to measure my success with tools and guidelines, she has provided me. This is life changing and I owe a great deal of my accomplishments to her practices. Working with Pam is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.” 


- Jordan

"Kicking off 2019 with a management goal setting retreat was awesome. Pam's motivational approach brought excitement and inspiration to the table. The half-day session brought my team closer, both personally and professionally, and her techniques allowed us to  see that our dreams can become a reality"


- Danielle

Complimentary Coaching Session
consulting session

30 Minutes


Are you stuck? Not sure how to solve a problem you are facing? Our coaching sessions help you find answers to the problems you face, empowering you to use your creativity and resourcefulness to achieve your goals.

Consulting Exploration
Executive Coaching Session

30 Minutes


This free consultation will allow us to gain an initial understanding of you and your business objectives, helping to discover areas of opportunity and identify ways our expertise can guide you in developing a plan of resolution.

Retreat and Planning
Discovery Session
corporate retreat

30 Minutes


Are you in need of an office morale boost? Ready to plan your goals and objectives? We work with you to create a customized event where we will use a systematic approach to help you motivate your team, brainstorm impactful solutions and increase productivity.

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